The rule of law keeps us from chaos

In the wake of the media attacks on the High Court judges who ruled in November that the government must consult Parliament before invoking Article 50, our guest blogger, James Keeley, Barrister at 15 New Bridge Street Chambers, explains what the rule of law means for him.

The rule of law is the redline that keeps us from chaos. It accepts who we are as human beings embracing our ethnicity, our sexuality and our abilities as well as our non-abilities. Through it we are given the chance to speak freely so long as we do so without prejudice and without hurting anyone else. Giving us rights to live, to be educated and to love. Forbidding us to be enslaved, arbitrarily imprisoned or tortured in anyway. Safeguarding peaceful public assembly and our private lives in equal measure. Providing care for the sick, a roof for the homeless and food for the hungry. Fighting against oppression and tyranny. Putting the weak, the vulnerable and the dispossessed on the same footing as the rich, the well connected and the strong. Promoting tolerance, compassion and equality whilst standing up to discrimination, bigotry and hatred.

It is as essential to humankind as the blood that runs through our veins. More than just a birth-right it is an essential component of our DNA. Whilst the strands of our communities become increasingly fragmented the rule of law is the essential glue that helps bind all of us together.

Every second of the day, throughout the world, it is defiled and abused. We need to protect, cherish and fight to uphold the rule of law everyday of our lives.

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