The Big Vote

This month thousands of primary school children across the UK will be taking a stand and voting for what they believe to be the most pressing social issue in the UK.  Children and young people are mistakenly believed to lack interest in politics or to be too young to understand the complexities of issues such as homelessness. Our experience has shown that this is simply not true.


The Make a Difference Challenge has inspired thousands of children across the UK to create change in their local communities. Children have raised awareness, campaigned and raised money for issues including dog micro-chipping; support for families with seriously ill children and graffiti in public spaces.

Now it is your turn to help the next generation of change makers to get involved!

How do you ask?

It’s simple. Get your class involved in The Big Vote!

The Big Vote is a national campaign in which all primary schools can take part. It gives all young children the opportunity to take part in a vote to discover the issue of greatest concern to British children and to take part in a national campaign to make things better. Relevant charities and organizations will be selected to work with groups of children to develop a campaign.

The Citizenship Foundation is thrilled to be working with The Week Junior, the UK’s fastest growing children’s subscription magazine to bring this unique opportunity to the nation’s children and to celebrate 10 years of the Make a Difference Challenge.

We know that young children have important views about the kind of world they wish to grow up in. By taking part in The Big Vote we can demonstrate to children that the influence they wield can effect real change and create a better world.

‘We are very excited to be launching The Big Vote in partnership with The Week Junior. It is of the utmost importance that from young age children are encouraged to explore issues that are important to them, and helped to find ways to make a difference’ Tom Franklin CEO at Citizenship Foundation.

Are you ready to take your class on this journey? Make sure you do before December 1st!

If you are interested in taking part. Click Here

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