Our Intern Allison’s experience at The Citizenship Foundation

The Citizenship Foundation had the privilege of having Allison Gross work with us as an intern from CAPA; The Global Education Network.


Allison quickly settled in after from the United States and was a part of our marketing team for four months. During this time she brought an outstanding amount of knowledge, energy, and determination working for our charity. Allison had many roles within the charity such as promoting different events and programmes through multiple social media channels, blog stories, and emails. She was also given opportunities to work out of office at including the SMSC Quality Mark launch event which was held at the House of Lords at Westminster.

Allison said: “My experience interning at the Citizenship Foundation was more than I ever thought it would be and it is all because of the great staff that works within this organisation. Not only did I feel a part of the team right away, but I felt very welcomed to bring in new ideas and thoughts that came to mind for projects. The morals and values that CF encompasses are portrayed internally and externally, and I can only hope that someday I work for a company like this. I truly valued my time at the Citizenship Foundation and wish them nothing but the best in the future.”

Allison was so delighted with her intern experience that she nominated the Citizenship Foundation for the CAPA Certificate of Excellence in recognition of facilitating outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development. At the CAPA Commencement Festival on 14 December we were proudly awarded the certificate. Read here for more information:

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