Go-Givers Programme makes the top 10 buys!

The Citizenship Foundations Go-Givers Programme has made the top 10 buys in the spring 2018 PTA magazine.

A recent article by Lucy Hubery expresses the top ten buys for schools this year! With a wide range of products and important essentials that children will love, enjoy and benefit from.A wide range of items were very popular this year! Some items in the top five ranged from A 14.5m balance beam track with the purpose of letting children build their own course. The HUE mini filmmaker ranked at number three! The filmmaker includes a stop motion animation kit with a USB, camera, software and a colouring book.
At number two was our very own Go-Givers programme. Our very own web-based programme that aims to develop caring citizens with the skills to think critically. The programme will also give them the confidence to make a positive contribution to their communities. The programme was praised for having more than 180 downloadable lessons! along with web tools and a kids zone, that included stories for younger children. There was also a section for older children tackling modules such as rights and responsibilities. Go-Givers also offer a range of subscriptions for schools to choose from. Subscriptions range from our starter pack, which includes: 30 lesson plans, 2 assembly plans and access to the kid’s zone. For only £79 a month! The subscriptions then vary all the way up to the platinum subscription. The platinum subscription includes all resources ranging from 150+ lesson plans! 12 assembly plans! a curriculum planner and full access to the kid’s zone for only £599 per month!

The new, developed website has many sections for teachers, parents, and children. The section for parents expresses a wide range of issues. Some issues are: how to tackle sibling rivalry, introducing your child to money and bullying. Bullying is a very important social action that is trying to reduced from every angle in our society. Handling bullying personally or as a parent or teacher can be very challenging. So, Go-Givers offers support that makes a big difference! The kid’s zone includes blogs where children can get to know all the Go-Givers characters. Amazing facilities are also made for the use of teachers including assembly plans, videos and lesson plans for KS1 and KS2.


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