Referendum blues? Spark refreshing debate in school in these final days of the campaign


The EU referendum debate is at fever pitch. Campaigners are trying to persuade us one way or the other, appealing to our sensitivities around controversial issues such as immigration, economics and sovereignty. It’s hard to know the best decision, especially as Continue reading

Tax Facts: free facts, about tax, to prepare your students for life after school

Tax Facts: And introduction to tax from HMRC aimed at 14-17 year-olds.

Tax is one of those subjects that has rarely been taught in schools and yet it’s an area that many young people say they want to understand more about. A lack of knowledge and understanding worries many of them because Continue reading

Tips for social action projects, part 2: awareness campaigns

Boy with megaphone

In the second part of this series, our Giving Nation team shares tips for running school-based awareness campaigns. Awareness campaigns are all about attracting attention and spreading the word about your issue in a creative way. The more knowledgeable and passionate you Continue reading