St Gove the Dragon slayer – a new Classic

The British view Europe from its periphery, barely aware that the youth in its southern states are rioting with anger as they bear the brunt of the economic crisis. In our country the same cohort seem bedraggled; leaden with passivity Continue reading

David Blunkett interview: the government’s plan for citizenship education is ‘very bad news’


The UK government plans to reduce the importance of citizenship education in schools. On Tuesday I asked former Education Secretary David Blunkett about his concerns for a demoted citizenship curriculum. What follows is a full transcript of the interview, accompanied Continue reading

Citizenship Education – the yeast in the dough, the grit in the oyster… The Curriculum needs the right recipe – not a new Menu

As the Curriculum Review nears its conclusion, teachers and schools across the nation are being prepared for a critical shift in the formula behind the national curriculum. The context for the new orders couldn’t be much different from the prescriptive Continue reading