Remembrance as an act of citizenship


The many poppies of 2012 remind us again of the terrible conflicts of the last century and the fewer dreadful ones of this, lest we forget… In a world where violent deaths are much less common the remembrance of war Continue reading

Citizenship Education – the yeast in the dough, the grit in the oyster… The Curriculum needs the right recipe – not a new Menu

As the Curriculum Review nears its conclusion, teachers and schools across the nation are being prepared for a critical shift in the formula behind the national curriculum. The context for the new orders couldn’t be much different from the prescriptive Continue reading

‘Schools teach local authorities lessons in community cohesion’ report out

The Citizenship Foundation has produced a report for CfBT which was released today. This has been reported with a healthy prelude on the Guardian web site here: although it doesn’t acknoweldge our authorship… so of course I would like to… Continue reading