Tax Facts: free facts, about tax, to prepare your students for life after school

Tax Facts: And introduction to tax from HMRC aimed at 14-17 year-olds.

Tax is one of those subjects that has rarely been taught in schools and yet it’s an area that many young people say they want to understand more about. A lack of knowledge and understanding worries many of them because Continue reading

Open Data Kit: free tool for managing mobile data collection

I’ve just come across Open Data Kit, which is ‘a free and open-source set tools [sic] which help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions’. I’ve not played with it, and I don’t know how well it would Continue reading

‘Linked data’: making connections between unrelated datasets

Publishing data is a start, and publishing it in a common standard that others can understand and re-use is the next step; but wouldn’t it be even more useful if you could see correlations between seemingly unrelated sets of data? Continue reading

More clarity please about the jurisdiction of ‘open standards’

I keep coming across neat tools that claim to support ‘open government’ and ‘open standards’, but have no indication of which governments or regions they are relevant to. The Open Data Standards website is a case in point. It’s facilitating Continue reading